Who we are
International Wedding and Events


La Jet Fete is a leading international events planning company who specialises in unforgettable destination weddings and parties. Our multi lingual team is based in Paris, Marrakech, Moscow and London. We organise unforgettable weddings across the French Riviera to the Italian Lakes to exotic Morocco to breathtaking Bali and beyond. Whether you want a castle, rustic or a dreamy beachfront wedding, we are knowledgeable on all things destination weddings/ UK wedding.

La Jet Fete has been set up by Magali Dunkwu, a marketing and events expert and seasoned traveler, to offer an exclusive comprehensive solution to clients who choose to turn their weddings, whether UK wedding or destination weddings, or special events abroad and into a truly unforgettable experience that will be cherished forever.

We have partnered with carefully selected travel professionals and concierge services, to offer a professional and exclusive service to our clientele who are wishing to get married abroad or have a destination party. We are also pleased to have a rich address book which gives us access to some of the most exclusive venues in the world.

So whatever the occasion, wherever in the world, we don’t just plan it, we create unforgettable experiences.