La Jet Fete offers an emergency/last-minute wedding planning assistance for couples around the world that need urgent help for their wedding.

It is amazing some of the obstacles you may encounter whilst trying to organise what started off as pretty straightforward wedding. As the time draws near some brides may feel that they need that extra help to make sure that their vision of their wedding will come to pass.

If you need the expertise to make sure that your wedding abroad or at home is truly an unforgettable experience, then get in contact with us now.

We can assist in any aspect you need the wedding planning assistance in, from sorting out a replacement wedding cake at the last-minute to finding a DJ – whatever your requirements – contact us.

We based our fees on your individual requirements – no task is too small.

We understand how stressful a wedding can get for some people, which is why we made it our mission to assist as many brides as we can.

Call us on  +44(0)2037013900 alternatively email us

For more information about our wedding planning assistance services, visit our wedding planning page.