Think of this service as your fairy godmother for your wedding abroad or at home.  You are planning your wedding but the planning is starting to stress you out. You know you can do it but just need help on how – La Jet Fete consultation service was designed with you in mind.

We will sit down with you (in person or via Skype) to help you make sense of your wedding planning. We will find the key areas that we could help you on and work out a personalised, easy to follow, wedding plan and pre negotiated wedding suppliers selected for you which would make planning your own wedding abroad or in the UK, so much easier.

You would also be able to contact us with any enquiries throughout your wedding preparation. Whatever your reasons for not using a full service wedding planner – we created this service because we know that everyone needs some help.

For an additional fee we could arrange an on the day wedding planner to help you make your dreams a reality. Available for weddings abroad and in the UK.

Contact us on for more information about our services.

Consultation starts from £750