Celebrate your special event or wedding in Italy with La Jet Fete

When we think of Italy, the thought of great food, great wine, great fashion and great company comes to mind – and that is exactly what you will get for your special event or wedding in Italy – amazing venues, amazing weather and amazing food.  In short special events and weddings in Italy are amazing.

From Rome to Milan to Tuscany to Capri to Venice to Lake Como, there are endless amazing cities and places to celebrate your special events or host your wedding in Italy.

For those looking to host their wedding in Italy, would be glad to know that we have partnered with a wedding planning agency that is based in Italy and has specialised in wedding in Italy for over 20 years.

Wedding in Italy can be held in a converted abbey ruins, villa, hotel or even a castle. The choices of venues are endless and the views for your special event or wedding in Italy would be what dreams are made of.

We plan and design the entire wedding trip. Usually the events and weddings we organised are three-day long – welcome, event or wedding day and post event.  However what you we organised on those three days are not your common trip. You can rest assured that your guest would mark your special event or wedding in Italy, as an unforgettable experience.  We offer a range of services from guest concierge services to booking entertainers and specialised tours.

We usually recommend a minimum of 6 months, though we have organised last-minute weddings with just 4 weeks advance.


Here is a selection of venues we work with to host special events and client’s wedding in Italy: