A private island getaway in a tropical paradise is a dream many have, but few can experience. Let that ‘few’ be you with the help of La Jet Fete.

La Jet Fete has a database of exclusive private islands around the world, whether you want to have a slice of a Ghanaian’s exotic paradise or party on Richard Branson’s private island – we can source the perfect island for your festivities.

Private islands are the epitome of privacy and intimacy set on a backdrop of beautiful scenery and weather and pristine beaches free from others’ footprints.

Since these islands are not open to the public, you’ll find a quiet atmosphere any time of the day, giving your chosen island a home away from home setting. Tucked away from the mainland, there is no traffic noise and no beach vendors. Security is almost a non-issue.

Also, the privacy afforded by this type of resort means you can ask for special extras that would not be possible at other resorts.

Are you ready to celebrate in your very own paradise? Call us on +44 (0) 845 269 7074 or email us at enquiries@lajetfete.co.uk