La Jet Fete organises elopement, events and weddings in Paris.

Paris is the birthplace of our director, Magali, and where have one of our offices.

We love organising events and weddings in Paris, AKA the city of love.

There are many places where you can choose to host your event or wedding in Paris itself, with views of the Eiffel tower or within the Eiffel Tower itself. If you have wanted to live your very own fairytale – then there are hundreds of castles available throughout France.

So you want to get married in France but not sure where to start? Here are some steps:

1. Visa Requirements

You need to check if you need visa to enter France and what challenges your guest may have in obtaining a visa.

2. Decide if you want a marriage or a blessing?

Legal marriages can only be conducted in the town hall and you would need to have proof of 30 days residence in Paris before applying for a marriage certificate. Only once this is done can you have a religious ceremony

You could opt for a blessing and have your pastor/priest bless you in a venue of your dream. This would not be considered legal in France, so you would need to do the legal element at home.

3. Focus on what is memorable

You can be overwhelmed with choices that Paris can bring to you. But focus on what would make your night and that of your guest. What is really memorable? What makes a great night?


Your choice of venue is key, whether it is a boat that floats across Paris or a beautiful Chateau, remember that you have come all the way to Paris to have a remarkable and unforgettable wedding.

5.Food is the language of love and a testament of a great party

Choose your caterers wisely. France is packed with some of the best chefs in the world – why not treat your guests to a truly French gastronomic experience?

6.Parlez vous francais?

To be honest you do not need to be fluent in French, but you do need to speak a bit of french.  I also think it’s a courtesy and by experience, the fact that we speak multiple language and able to speak to suppliers in their local dialect, allows us to get better value for money for my clients.

7.Choose a wedding planner that is fluent in both languages and has experience working on the field like La Jet Fete!

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