“One day, in her search to become eternal, beauty looked for a place to call home. She discovered the French Riviera (la Cote D’azur).

She took up residence & loved it so much. That she has lived there ever since.”  Louis NUCERA


The French Riviera/ Cote D’azur is the quintessential Mediterranean playground – the glamour queen of the coast, situated in the heart of Europe. Its unique natural environment, as well as, the captivating blue water, the remarkable beauty of the hills and land’s edge, the pebble beaches, its intense light, the mildness of its climate are key attributes of the stylish living synonymous with the French Riviera.

Land of exception and emotion, the Cote d’Azur – French Riviera owes a large part of its success to its exceptional diversity and wealth. A unique identity forged by the contrast between sea and mountain. Gastronomy gorged by sun, given a contemporary twist by the greatest chefs. A wide range of leisure activities and infrastructures have seduced visitors from all over the world for over one and a half centuries.

Imagine walking down the beach of la Cote D’azur  in your wedding gown, surrounded by close friends and family who have travelled all the way to witness this precious moment.  The sun is shinning, not too much, but just enough to realise the beautiful settings you are in. As you exchange your vows the smell of the sea reminds you of the love you have.  Its now time to dine and party, as you head towards the beautiful (and exclusive) villa that La Jet Fete sourced for you.

You may simply wish to party away on a yacht between the coast of Monaco and St Tropez – whatever your requirements – whatever your event. We don’t just organise events, we create unforgettable experiences.

Here are some venues we work with: